Month: June 2012

What’s the biggest sin in business?

When you actively promote your business based on what it can do for people, it isn’t rocket science to figure out that you need to deliver or face the consequences. Every business understands the power of word of mouth. Not only does it bring you new business, but positive recommendation generally means the person doing

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“But it’s JUST a head shot!”

One unfortunate side effect of the proliferation of digital cameras is that many people assume one photograph is as good as another – and this is especially true of the “head shot”. The stock head and shoulders picture is a key tool in any PR pro’s armoury. When you want to get your client quoted,

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They’ve let him loose with a column again!

Going back to my days in journalism, one of the combined joys and trials of my life as an editor was my column. It went in the Monday paper, each week without fail, and it was called (possibly unimaginatively) On the Internet. It was a joy to be able to write about this fascinating topic

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