Month: April 2014

‘Political class’ could be the root of the problem

I was struck quite forcibly this morning by Michael Gove repeatedly using that term, “political class”, while commenting on the breaking news of Maria Miller’s resignation on Radio 4’s Today programme. You could call this my Thought for the Day, but it actually made me physically cringe to hear it. It felt like that little

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Don’t cook it, print it

Many of us have have grown up in an era where internet connections were signified by the beeping and whirring of a dial-up modem and printing a simple text document was a painstakingly slow and convoluted process, assuming you could get the computer to talk to the printer in the first place! To even begin

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How clever are we, really?

Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that we are living in a technological utopia. We’re connecting up the world with networks and devices; Google and Facebook want to build high altitude platforms for the internet using balloons or unmanned aircraft and every week there’s a new promise that graphene is going to change everything.

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