Author: Mark Waugh

Checklists in aviation - one of the best ways to avoid skill fade

‘Skill fade’ – is it a risk to your business?

You might not, at first glance, think your business has much in common with aviation. We would have thought that at Be Bold before we got involved in flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It thrust us into a whole world of new acronyms, checklists, flight reference cards and having to write and follow a 55-page

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Woman looking at hacked computer screens

Microsoft Exchange hack – should you be worried?

For very good reasons, news websites are full of reporting about a serious attack on users of Microsoft Exchange email servers. A Chinese hacking group suddenly unleashed never-before-seen exploits which allowed them to compromise servers around the world. The focus initially seems to have been on the US but it’s spread now and countries globally

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Amy Bould and Sallie Allen with lots of mince pies and Christmas cakes

Cancelled Christmas party brings food bank boost

With Christmas parties off the menu this year, Be Bold Media has teamed up with Newport’s food bank to spread some festive cheer in the community. Newport Food Bank is helping families in the town registered with the local authority as needing extra support, providing them with hampers containing both essentials and seasonal treats to

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Famera. Not really getting it

Is it time for a Zoom alternative?

First there was the novelty of having all of your meetings online. Then came the fatigue of being on camera for much of the day. So what DO you do when all those Zoom meetings make it feel like Groundhog Day? With typical human ingenuity, the video meeting space is moving on, offering us new

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Breaking News logo

UK vaccine a victim of the rush for breaking news

Today we saw a perfect example of how the breaking news of the same story can be conveyed in very different ways with the different use of just one fact. At about 6.50 this morning I was looking at an iPad as a BBC breaking news alert announced the Oxford and AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine was

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Expensify CEO says 'Vote Biden'

Would your business take a political stance?

This is a question many a business person has asked themselves from time-to-time. The answer is usually a resounding ‘no’. Received wisdom is that business stays out of politics, at least overtly. Donations may be made with a view to an end (and in there lies a whole other discussion) but that’s not the same

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Prompt Payment Code logo

Pay up to be part of the solution

So often in business it’s the less glamorous stuff that matters the most. The form filling, the legal agreements, insurances, policy documents and the endless rest of it. Any business owner though will tell you that the fundamental thing is quite simple and obvious – getting paid. It’s something we have a bit of a

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A diamond held in tweezers - in a pandemic are your the diamond or the coal?

Pandemic pressures are sorting out the business wheat from the chaff

When you put something under immense pressure you very often expose the cracks. Or, you might create a diamond. What seems to have happened in the business community as we know it is that the pressure of enforced change has caused a concentration of business development into a much shorter time frame than would ordinarily

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Don't take a wrecking ball to your business legacy

Legacy of Covid-19 behaviour by businesses will linger

Reputations of businesses and their owners are being made and broken as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds. It has long been said that you can tell the character of a person by how they react when the chips are down, something that is now proving true of firms faced with the stresses of the times we

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