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Jars of Nutella lined up in a shop

Going nuts for Nutella – “riot” ensues

French shoppers have been “rioting” over Nutella. This should fall into the realms of “you couldn’t make it up”. Normally such a tale turns out to be about much more than the headline. However in this case it really does seem to be all about a huge price cut for every French person’s favourite chocolate

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Don’t cook it, print it

Many of us have have grown up in an era where internet connections were signified by the beeping and whirring of a dial-up modem and printing a simple text document was a painstakingly slow and convoluted process, assuming you could get the computer to talk to the printer in the first place! To even begin

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Careful what you wish for? That’s about the size of it!

For sooooo long there has been extensive criticism of the fashion industry for its obsession with skinny models but more recently it has seemed like the reality of actual body shapes was starting to get some recognition from both fashion houses and retailers. Photo shoots and catwalk sessions with ‘plus size’ models were lauded (even

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Stop! Don’t light that chicken breast!

Who knew that chicken was as bad for your health as cigarettes? That’s what we learned yesterday from some slightly hysterical headlines. Obviously, it’s rubbish. That becomes all too quickly apparent when you a) engage your brain and b) read just a few paragraphs down the page. What it does do is highlight how effective

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Swiss take operating like clockwork to its zenith

Sometimes it’s good to check that things in your organisation are running like clockwork. You get into a pattern of behaviour that might seem entirely normal to you, something perhaps that you do behind closed doors, but which would be actually quite embarrassing if someone walked in on you… It happens to organisations too, especially

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