Don’t expect us to be normal

Who wants to be ordinary? At Be Bold Media we certainly try very hard not to be.

It confounds people sometimes. They expect a business to behave a certain way, to fit a particular mould. Often they like to see a buzzing office which is open from 9am to 5pm (but probably a little quieter while lunches are being taken).

The thing is, in quite a few respects, the world doesn’t work much like that any more – at least not a world we want to perpetuate…

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New vacuum rules don’t suck… marketing execs do

An awful lot of people, egged on by certain quarters in the media, are thoroughly up-in-arms about vacuum cleaners. You can’t fail to have heard about the recent EU ban on machines that have a motor larger than 1600w. It’s perfect grist for the “look what those idiots in Brussels have gone and done again” brigade. … Read more

Give customers the credit they deserve

Here’s a good maxim for a business to live by: don’t treat customers like idiots. Don’t try to baffle them with your industry terminology, hide behind lame explanations for why you can’t do something or fail to give them a method by which they can easily contact you. It amazes, perplexes and angers me in … Read more

Don’t take that tone of voice with me!

Every business, like every person, has a tone of voice. It can vary depending on circumstances, just like being in a bad mood can put an edge in your voice, whether you intend it to be there or not. Unfortunately, unlike a teenager throwing a wobbly, a business won’t be easily forgiven for getting stroppy … Read more

Stop horsing around with your reputation

Of all the places to look if we want to see examples of how not to handle publicity, the food sector has to be one of the richest hunting grounds. It would take most of us but a second to conjure an example of a media-fuelled scandal involving what we eat. Yes, there’s the current … Read more