Caroline Lucas radio interview goes horribly awry

It’s the nightmare scenario for everyone who might find themselves in front of a live mic. The fear that you’ll get caught out, go blank, just generally do that rabbit in the headlights thing. It happens and when it does it’s excruciating for everyone – but we love to listen… Here is one of the … Read more

So, can we just speak English?

Trends in how people speak seem to come around like flu viruses. I recall very well the ranting of my first chief reporter at a sudden proliferation of the use of ‘sooooo…’ at the end of a sentence. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be doing it (this was about 20 years ago). It was, as she quite … Read more

‘Political class’ could be the root of the problem

I was struck quite forcibly this morning by Michael Gove repeatedly using that term, “political class”, while commenting on the breaking news of Maria Miller’s resignation on Radio 4’s Today programme. You could call this my Thought for the Day, but it actually made me physically cringe to hear it. It felt like that little … Read more