A flood of spin washes away the chairman

Spin, as we all now understand the term in a PR sense, died quite some time ago.

Some ‘practitioners’ still like to play with silly tricks, like saving up their bad news for a busy news day in the hope that no-one will notice. But the approach whereby you twist words and ‘bend’ the truth to avoid giving an honest answer was long since dead and buried, fortunately and for good reason.

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Newsflash: You don’t control the media

Today brings a perfect example of how media relations really does not work. The PR for tonight’s BRIT Awards is backfiring spectacularly because journalists are being asked to send approved tweets in return for their ticket. As you would hope and expect, these journalists have generated a white hot backlash on social media which is … Read more

A floody great mess

So much of life comes down to communication. It’s particularly important in public life, because when you’re spending other people’s money or you are in your job by the grace of those who voted you there, you need to show results. That’s what has gone so horribly wrong for certain parts of the Government in … Read more