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IT security - Password box on a computer screen

Your IT security is a PR issue

Your IT security might seem to be a million miles away from your reputational concerns. It’s all passwords and servers and the daily doses of user error (and the printers never doing what they should, obviously). What recent days have shown us yet again is that data breaches make headlines. Today alone we’ve got a

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Don’t cook it, print it

Many of us have have grown up in an era where internet connections were signified by the beeping and whirring of a dial-up modem and printing a simple text document was a painstakingly slow and convoluted process, assuming you could get the computer to talk to the printer in the first place! To even begin

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How clever are we, really?

Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that we are living in a technological utopia. We’re connecting up the world with networks and devices; Google and Facebook want to build high altitude platforms for the internet using balloons or unmanned aircraft and every week there’s a new promise that graphene is going to change everything.

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Is this what happens when the robots take over?

When automation goes wrong: Russian minister branded ‘gay lover’ in Channel 4 subtitle gaffe It’s all very well letting computers take the strain, but is voice recognition technology really up to the job yet? Great spot by The Sun (but we’re linking to the Guardian because that’s not behind a paywall…).

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Location, location, location

These days it seems that everyone wants to know where you are. It took a while for it to dawn on those of us who enthusiastically adopted the first mobile phones that this marvel also had the down side that we were never out of touch (well, at least allowing for shoddy signal coverage which,

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Use modern tools and imagination to stay afloat

It’s hard to imagine a commercial sector facing a more harsh environment right now than high street retailers. Big or small, they are falling by the wayside at an alarming rate. Like all of life’s most complex challenges, there’s no one fix for this and there are a plethora of reasons for it happening in

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How the cookie law crumbles

If you have a website and you aren’t up-to-date on ‘cookie’ law, you must read this! A privacy law that came into force last year demands that websites based in the EU which are using ‘cookies’ publicise this fact to their visitors and provide them with ways to opt-out. This almost certainly includes your website.

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Live flood data goes online

The rain just hasn’t stopped falling today. Personally I’m struggling to adjust, having got myself lightly sun burnt while working outdoors at an event in Dorset yesterday… There is a recurring theme here though, as our summers seem to be something of a fading memory and unprecedented, torrential rainfall no longer seems, well, unprecedented. To

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