Head in hands moment as ‘Brexit’ takes the limelight

We should have realised it would happen. Every year those who produce dictionaries compete to be the coolest by highlighting the words they’ve accepted into the vernacular of the UK. This time Collins has decided it’s[shudder] ‘Brexit’ which must be admitted to the club as its Word of the Year. Don’t you cringe when you hear it? … Read more

Don’t expect us to be normal

Who wants to be ordinary? At Be Bold Media we certainly try very hard not to be.

It confounds people sometimes. They expect a business to behave a certain way, to fit a particular mould. Often they like to see a buzzing office which is open from 9am to 5pm (but probably a little quieter while lunches are being taken).

The thing is, in quite a few respects, the world doesn’t work much like that any more – at least not a world we want to perpetuate…

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So, can we just speak English?

Trends in how people speak seem to come around like flu viruses. I recall very well the ranting of my first chief reporter at a sudden proliferation of the use of ‘sooooo…’ at the end of a sentence. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be doing it (this was about 20 years ago). It was, as she quite … Read more

Ten places you can stick your ‘listicle’…

The English language is a truly amazing thing; dynamic, diverse, evolving, complex, sometimes unfathomable and irrational. Very, very few people are true masters of it and those who really understand it would never think to claim that they’ve fully tamed it. The fact that it does evolve is one of the most marvellous things about … Read more

‘Political class’ could be the root of the problem

I was struck quite forcibly this morning by Michael Gove repeatedly using that term, “political class”, while commenting on the breaking news of Maria Miller’s resignation on Radio 4’s Today programme. You could call this my Thought for the Day, but it actually made me physically cringe to hear it. It felt like that little … Read more

The stories behind the pictures

In an age of Leveson, hacking and sensationalist journalism, it is all too easy to forget why any of us got into this job in the first place. Journalists, the good ones, are in this game to tell the story. And that includes the pictures which will always say more than words ever could. Imagine … Read more

What’s the biggest sin in business?

When you actively promote your business based on what it can do for people, it isn’t rocket science to figure out that you need to deliver or face the consequences. Every business understands the power of word of mouth. Not only does it bring you new business, but positive recommendation generally means the person doing … Read more