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A flood of spin washes away the chairman

Spin, as we all now understand the term in a PR sense, died quite some time ago. Some ‘practitioners’ still like to play with silly tricks, like saving up their bad news for a busy news day in the hope that no-one will notice. But the approach whereby you twist words and ‘bend’ the truth […]

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Could Dolce and Gabbana have got it more wrong?

It’s a good job that PR and media consultants exist! Why? Because there seem to be soooo many people in the world who fail to understand basic principles of having a public conversation. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana did a fine job on themselves this week. They expressed an opinion on adoption by gay couples. […]

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Do you really want to be a brand?

It seems to be a very human trait to try to label, measure or otherwise codify what and who is around us. We have a tendency to want to put everything in a box, in a world where not everything is made-to-measure. This is not always a bad thing. Scientists must be organised and orderly […]

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