We are, unapologetically, a PR business.

Yes, we deliver all the activity you’d expect a company like ours to do to promote the brand, build the profile and protect the reputation of the businesses we work with.

On a daily basis on our clients’ behalf we are:

  • using digital channels to engage target audiences
  • creating videos which pop up on your social feed
  • analysing social media follower lists to engage potential customers
  • compiling e-shots which result in opens and shares
  • designing Google Ad campaigns which build lead lists
  • imagining creative digital content which make people sit up and notice
  • deploying multi-media strategies to reach decision-makers and
  • building landing pages which convert visitors into sales

But that’s not what we ‘do’. They are just the, often digital, methods we employ. It seems that ‘digital marketing’ has achieved a standalone mythical status in our industry.

Businesses are being told they must do it. So-called experts are lining up to tell businesses exactly how to do it – even if the day job is making widgets or selling beds. And yes, there’s plenty of chancers out there who really haven’t got a clue, but are selling the myth anyway.

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science. It’s just marketing now, in 2019.  It’s like an estate agent saying we ‘sell houses online’. It sells houses. The fact that it does so via Rightmove, just like every other agent, doesn’t make it new-fangled tech. I know small businesses often have to be a jack of all trades, which is why they can access great courses, like these on offer in Shropshire. But if you really do make widgets or sell beds, it will take more than knowing how to schedule social media or make a video on your smarthphone if you want it to be effective.

In reality, it doesn’t matter how many channels you embrace to ‘digitally market’ your business if your message doesn’t resonate and your content is dull. It doesn’t matter how much you optimise your SEO or time the delivery of your advert, if the creative idea behind it doesn’t hit the mark.

Be Bold Media is a public relations company. We develop, nurture and protect the relationship a company or a brand has with its public – its customers and potential customers.

How we do that is by telling their stories, by weaving together words and images which people want to read and watch.

We tell people who our clients are, what they stand for. We use our journalistic skills to celebrate their business wins, their people’s successes, the commitment to the communities in which they are based and the sectors in which they operate.

And we invest in our media contacts, influencer network and business intelligence platforms to spread their story and their message wider than they could tell it themselves.

That’s PR. PR is the difference between why you buy a Coke and not a Pepsi; why you might wear Nike instead of Adidas and why you pick a KFC over a Maccy D’s. All these companies are selling something similar, but the stories they engage you in are different.

For the clients we work with, our words mean business. Do yours?

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