Getting a car insurance quote has always seemed like a bit of a lottery. Now one major insurer has confessed that your email address could affect how much you pay!

Car insurance blog - picture of burning car
Car insurance – good for this. But think about your email address.

Apparently Admiral could up your quote if you use a Hotmail address. How can that be the case, you may wonder?

It’s not a random thing, or some kind of prejudice against that service. It seems that they have crunched the numbers and concluded that there is a higher rate of claims by people with Hotmail addresses.

In fact it could bump up what you pay by an average of more than £30 per quote.

It just supports what we’re always saying – that appearances really do matter, right down to your choice of email.

Maybe it’s time to register your own domain name. That’s not likely to appear in any data trends any time soon.

Of course this is also the kind of outrageous thing that, as an insurance company, you can pull out of your data to get some headlines…

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