Awards PR

An award means recognition from your peers or from the wider community.

And when you’ve won, not only does it feel good, you become an ‘award-winning’ business or organisation, which comes with reputational superpowers.

Any award worth having takes work to achieve, but there’s no feeling like hearing your name called out from the stage.

It’s a great lift for you and your staff and one of the indicators that says to your customers that you’re at the top of your game.

How you present your organisation and tell its stories can make all the difference between winning and not. 

Be Bold Media has a great track record in helping clients secure those victories. From writing compelling entries to practical preparation for judging, we’re by your side as you seek the validation that awards bring.

Enlightening education PR

We know what it takes because members of our team (as well as winning plenty in their own right) have been the judges and presenters of many business and community awards. 

It’s an inside track that gives us insight into what it takes to prove to outsiders what you already know to be true about your business. 

A critical friend approach allows us to evaluate your strengths and the places where we can help you polish the diamond to boost your chances of standing out in your field.

Talk to us about supporting your aspirations to add ‘award-winning’ to your website and letterhead!

Be Bold Media Managing Director, Amy Bould, presenting at an awards ceremony
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