Care Sector PR

Health and care are often particularly sensitive sectors. The language used, the partnerships, the issues raised all need a careful hand.

At the same time there is always a financial imperative to be balanced with the need to demonstrate the best in care, safety and professionalism.

Health and care businesses can face some of the sternest challenges when it comes to their public relations.

Every aspect of the work impacts directly on people and their lives – and often those of their loved ones and caregivers too.

For care providers particularly we know that staff need to be communicated to clearly and regularly, as do stakeholders and funding partners.

Serious about care sector PR

Be Bold Media has risen to the challenges of the health and care sector for many years. 

We’ve supported the ongoing recruitment of staff in a challenging environment, played our part in filling care homes beds for large operators, spread the cheer of the wonderful things that happen in homes and been there in a crisis when it has been needed (including through Covid-19).

Videos, press releases, annual reports, social media campaigns, adverts, brochures, crisis management and more, we’ve done it all for health and care clients.

Talk to us today if you think we could do the same for you.

Nurse and carer in care home
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