Education PR

Education is a competitive business, with buying decisions based on many factors – and usually not price.

We’ve worked with both independent and state sector schools and colleges and represent one of the UK’s leading outdoor education specialist providers, helping them raise their game on messaging and perception.

Whether you represent a state school in desperate need of repairing its image or a public school vying for pupils in a tough market, PR can transform its prospects.

Education is a sector with endless stories to tell of both institutional and individual success. Building and maintaining a positive reputation is difficult and time-consuming but it is crucial – and the vital difference between success and failure.

Enlightening education PR

Time and again we’ve seen great work by leaders and teaching staff fail to achieve the recognition it deserves because the stories weren’t told in the right ways and in the best places.

With new cohorts of students every year, maintaining a consistent approach to PR and media activity, with experts involved at management level is critical. 

As supporters of a number of initiatives in the community and of young individuals in their endeavours, we’re passionate about education.

Give us a call today if you would like to explore what we could do to take your promotion to the next level.

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