Legal PR

Great legal advice is critical in so many walks of life that it touches most people at some time.

It’s a highly competitive sector though, where standing out for the right reasons needs expertise and ongoing commitment.

Be Bold has worked with law firms for more than a decade, building and guarding their reputations and those of their clients.

We’ve dealt with every kind of legal story, from the sensitive to the sensational and garnered national headlines into the bargain.

Not every legal topic is instantly fascinating, but most of them are really important to someone. We are experts at getting legal news and comment in front of the right audience.

Creative legal PR

Lawyers and their colleagues are invariably very busy people and when they commit advice or comment to the written word they have to be right.

Be Bold Media takes the strain from legal clients by generating ideas and content based on key subject areas, either taking a lead from the lawyers and running with it, or by conjuring topics they can easily sign off.

We’ve been told our content is much preferred to that produced by specialist legal content agencies – because it’s been more accurate, more often!

scales of justice
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