Small and medium businesses generally have one key goal – growth. To achieve it they need recognition and reputation to align.

At this stage of growth public and press relations are a critical part of the mix and are, more often than not, the make or break factor.

We LOVE working with SME businesses because when they come to the realisation that they need us, they are ready to grow and embrace what we can do for them.

Taking a smaller organisation and helping it to punch above its weight, to take on the bigger incumbents or to create a new market segment is the most thrilling part of the PR role.

So many times we’ve been the victims of our own success in this sector – having clients pull back on their publicity because growth is coming too fast for them to scale. It’s a nice problem for them to have.

Accelerate with SME PR

What many SMEs don’t have is time to spoon feed an agency. Our understanding of the wider business and consumer landscape lets us  quickly assimilate and shape the tone of voice for the business, then take the lead in generating content and ideas, reaching out to audiences and influencers and perfecting the positioning. 

When PR is integrated at director level and you find a trusted partner to deliver it, the sky is the limit.

We only work with businesses we know we can add value to and our relationships with many of those firms span more than a decade of growth.

Let’s start with a conversation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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