In business you can have one of the world’s best products or services; be at the cutting edge of innovation or at the forefront of your industry sector but this does not automatically make you a success.

The Pave Aways team
The Pave Aways team celebrate being crowned Company of the Year at the 2019 Shropshire Chamber Business Awards

In fact those businesses which do tend to prosper are, more often than not, the ones which recognise that internal and external relationships are just as much of an asset to their company as the products or services which they sell.

Collaboration, teamwork and building strong relations with customers, partners and your own staff is critical.

Take for example building firm Pave Aways, which on Friday was named Shropshire’s best business at the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards.

The contractor, which has its headquarters in Knockin near Oswestry, is not just excellent and skilful at what it does – building buildings – it is also an exceptionally honest and trustworthy company.

Its secret to success boils down to a special mix of exemplary leadership, solid relationships (internally and externally) and its grounded, down to earth people.

We’re pretty sure these three key elements are what shone through when judges were making up their minds on who to crown Company of the Year.

It’s exactly the same reasons why we here at Be Bold Media have loved working so closely with them over the last two years.

They’ve taken the time out to understand our business just as much as we have invested time and effort in theirs. We’ve got to know their people and they’ve got to know ours. They get us and we get them. It’s what might be called a ‘perfect-fit’.

What results from this two-way relationship is supreme team-working and ultimately success.

Multi-millionaire businessman Mo Chaudry, who was the guest of honour at Friday’s business awards at the International Centre in Telford, reiterated this exact sentiment to a packed audience of more than 600 people.

He said: “If you can get along with people you can change the world.”

For us, whilst our words are our business, what matters most is our relationships with our clients.

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