We celebrated something of a first here at Be Bold Media this week.

News from one of our clients was published here in the Moose Gazette.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’d never heard of this fabulously-titled journalistic organ before. Naively, and with the sort of lazy jumping-to-conclusions thinking my first editor would have drummed me out of the classroom for, I assumed it was a publication for some far-flung Canadian outpost.

In fact, Moose Gazette has, in its own words, been a voice for the USA for nearly two years.

Its splendidly modest self-appraisal on moosegazette.net reads: “Our daily online content provides visitors with the latest news coverage important to (the) USA. We’re dedicated to publishing lively, informative news and views, not dumbed down fluff.”

Certainly the news release we issued was anything but dumbed down fluff. That really isn’t our cup of tea here at Be Bold. As a team with getting on for a century of news room experience between us, hard news is very much our bread and butter.

This release told the story of Samantha Jones, a West Midlands policewoman who is taking legal action after being struck on the head at a garden centre by a piece of flying shelving.

Samantha, who has been off work for six months as a result of her injuries, wanted the world to know her story and what had happened to her. Luckily for her, she is being represented by top Midlands law firm FBC Manby Bowdler, who we are delighted to count amongst our roster of fabulous clients.

As a result, you’ll probably have read Samantha’s story somewhere or other this week. We secured coverage on the BBC, the national daily UK press, regional and trade media and around the globe as well.

We’re not going to throw a party to celebrate. Getting our clients the brilliant coverage they deserve is, after all, what we do.

But we might just keep the cutting from the Moose Gazette framed on the office wall.

After all, you can’t beat having a bit of moose in the hoose…

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