The media can come in for some stick. But actually it’s companies I’ve seen on my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter getting it wrong this week.

It’s absolutely right to highlight innovation supporting the front line; to recognise manufacturers sharing IP for inventions which save lives and for professionals with knowledge to share with others for the greater good.

It’s also amazing to see posts and events helping those working from home to combat loneliness and isolation. And only yesterday I posted about posting more at times like this.

But the message and tone has to be right. This week I’ve been stunned to see businesses ‘celebrating’ (yes really) successes, tone deaf to the wider situation.

Thousands are dying. A third of SMEs will go to the wall. Hundreds of Shropshire businesses are on their knees.

Your clients and your customers know of families now incomplete, staff who have lost their jobs and mortgages not able to be paid.

So it might be worth holding back on the celebratory news until this is over. Then you’ll still have the customers and clients who will want to celebrate with you.

If we’re #allinthistogether, put the bubbly on ice. Meanwhile, here’s ITV News getting the tone just right last night

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