Today’s election is notable for many reasons – not least of which because no-one has any idea of the government we’re going to end up with when the voting is done.

What’s also striking is that it seems to have become the first General Election for which there has had to be guidance on taking selfies!

Village hall used a voting station in English countryside
Do go out and vote – just leave the selfie stick behind…

The Electoral Commission has issued a stern warning that taking pics of yourself in a polling station will be strongly discouraged by staff, many of whom have been trained to spot the signs of someone who appears to be about to do that very deed.

It’s not actually illegal to do this, but you would be breaking the law if you somehow managed to reveal how someone else had voted and it’s illegal to reveal the unique reference number on any polling card. The fines for breaching those laws run into the thousands and the offence could even land you with a few months in prison.

It’s an issue that first reared it’s head at the last local and European elections, but selfies really weren’t the ‘thing’ they are now last time we took to the ballot box.

You’re welcome to take your selfie outside, which the Commission notes could even be valuable in encouraging others to get out and vote.

When all is said and done, that’s what today is about. Whatever you think of the system or the people, if you don’t vote, you threw away your right to a say. Just don’t do it with a cheesy grin in a polling booth.


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