Hey, you. Yes, you. Are you talking to me?

I think you might be. You’ve clicked follow on all our social media accounts, hit ‘go’ on the scheduled tweets, planned the content within an inch of your life and even ‘virtually’ turned up where we’re hanging out.

But you must be a bit frustrated as your message clearly isn’t getting through.

No-one is ‘liking’ the updates, no-one is RT-ing the post and worst still, no-one appears to want to ‘talk’ back.

I’m going to let you into a not-so-secret secret. Social media is not a sales tool to win new business. It’s not a backdoor to a sustainable business relationship – although it could absolutely be an initial ring of the bell.

So here’s a quick tip (and it is really just a quick tip as it’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve the annual Posh Frocks dinner tonight!) for any companies looking to build their network, contacts and ultimately business through digital means.

  • Learn about your target audience before you try to engage them.
  • Talk the same language and find the common thread.
  • Use social to be social.
  • Chat, add value to their own social feeds.
  • Share the links and the content which they might find interesting.
  • Tag your contacts who might appreciate the same.

And yes, I was talking to you.

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